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>> Buying Group Discounts – TrafficJamming has identified selective “best of class” service providers to help our members with different business offerings to help grow your company and save money on essential business services.  We recognize how busy the entrepreneur and independent business owner is – and the access to a portal of business solutions with pre-negotiated discounted pricing is incredibly valuable for our members.  TJ is solicited daily by companies who wish to join the TJ family. It is important to note that our management team has performed extensive due diligence with each of these companies prior to approving them into our Buying Group. And, if you don’t see what a particular business product or service listed, email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to identify companies in that industry classification.

>> Salespreneur Tips of the Month – The definition of a Salespreneur is the combined characteristics of a Salesperson with that of an Entrepreneur (or commonly called a Small Business Owner).  The mixed skill set of this multi-faceted person requires many job titles.  Inner Circle members will receive monthly Salespreneur management tips to ensure sales goals are achieved in conjunction with growing the overall business.

>> Monthly Business Ebooks – TrafficJamming, in our continuing effort to help our members grow their businesses, will be distributing a monthly e-book of new content. The goal is to identify topics that independent business owners and entrepreneurs need to better understand to grow their top line revenue and bottom line profitability.   These “cliff note” versions of  these book (approximately 20 pages in size and goal is to be read within 20 minutes) will provide thought-provoking insights to enlighten our members on various business topics.

>> Resource Library Access – The Resource Library provides information on various business topics that are relevant for the independent business owner and entrepreneur.  Twenty-four (24) topics currently in the Resource Center and some titles include “Networking for Business”, “Family-Owned Business”, “Minority-Owned Businesses”, “Reading Financial Statements”, “Franchise Opportunities”, “Home Based Businesses”, “Financing Options” and much more.  Information on the various subjects will be updated constantly from survey results and perspectives from fellow members sharing insights from their personal business experiences. TrafficJamming members who want to receive additional feedback on any of these titles can email [email protected] requesting more information.

>> Videos Business Tips – Jeff Shavitz, Salespreneur and CEO of TrafficJamming provides weekly “Aha Moments” to our members. Aha = used to express satisfaction, triumph, or surprise. “Aha! So that’s your secret plan!” Jeff will share his business reflections on video plus many of his thoughts are highlighted in business books including “Size Doesn’t Matter – Why Small Business is BIG Business” (which hit #1 on amazon in August 2015), “Small Business Aha Messages”, “Networking – Get Connected” and “The Power of Residual Income – You Can Count on It”. Using his content from these books plus his continuous interaction with business owners, Jeff will share “Aha Tips” to help you reflect on your current business model and new strategies to grow your business.

>> Weekly Blog Posts – TrafficJamming will post stories about different topics and insights relevant to our members. What is a blog? In our thinking, we will blog weekly about personal stories, business successes, different perspectives to a complex business issue and lots of other content for your reflection.  Our blog is our outlet to share and express and we hope it will be thought-provoking on many levels to your personal and professional success.

>> Bi-Monthly Newsletter – TrafficJamming will be sending our members a bi-monthly newsletter which contains topical industry information, member profile highlighting how they are growing their business and other news, tips and Ahas.  The combination of insights is geared to help grow your company. The authors of the newsletter are TJ management and other respected business leaders who are experts in niche business categories.

“Finally, an expert that provides real practical sales advice for entrepreneurs from someone who’s ‘been there, done that’. Jeff Shavitz provides valuable insights to help people evaluate whether they’re cut out to be a small business owner, and what it takes to be successful in the sales games.   Jeff has a personality and program to “cut through the bull’, no nonsense step-by-step guide to planning your small business growth.   I would highly recommend this book to anyone running a small business or considering doing so. Shavitz just may be the inspiration and guide all small business owners need.” ~ Jonathan Silver, CEO, Affinity Solutions Inc.

“I have personally known Jeff for years and I appreciate  the  combination of the TrafficJamming features, technology services, and educational content have all helped my business on many levels.  Having a resource like TJ is like having a business coach 24/7/365 days.   I also greatly enjoy and await reading his monthly books on various business issues which pushes me to think differently and creatively about my own company.” ~ Laura Kennedy, CEO, LauraKennedyLive, LLC

“Being a member of TrafficJamming has helped my business in many ways.  There’s nothing better than learning from the real life experiences of other entrepreneurs.  There are many great TJ benefits but I love the Resource Center; I visit it monthly for content that is relevant to my business;  is not Jack Welch telling us about running one of the biggest companies in the world.  It’s a combination of small and mid-size business owners sharing their stories on lots of great topics that I deal with on a daily business.” ~ Brad Friedman, President, The Friedman Group, LLC