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With the momentum and growth of our bi-monthly newsletter, one feature section that is gaining incredible popularity is our Business Leader Biography.  Our followers are enjoying hearing the stories of fellow entrepreneurs and business executives.  Should you be interested in sharing your story, feel free to email me directly at [email protected]
Sushi Chain Seeks to go Nationwide
Abe Ng, CEO and CSO (Chief Sushi Officer) of Sushi Maki, talks with Fox Business News about Sushi Maki’s groundbreaking achievement in becoming the first multi-unit restaurant in the United States to attain the Marine Stewardship Council Certification. Watch to learn more about the importance of sustainable seafood, restaurateurs making a difference in the global seafood supply and the rigorous process of MSC Certification.
Abe Ng is the founder and CEO of Sushi Maki – South Florida’s award-winning leader in innovative Japanese cuisine. Abe was the former chapter chair for YPO Miami, graduate of Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and the Owner/President Manager program at the Harvard Business School.
Boatsetter–International Peer-to-Peer Boat Sharing Company
Meet my friend Andrew Sturner who has been navigating the high seas of entrepreneurship for a quarter of a century.   After a short stint as a bankruptcy attorney in NYC, Andy traded in his suits for jeans and went on to participate in five startups, two IPOs and 3 exits.

In 1993, he sold his first startup to MovieFone where he served as VP of Business Development (IPO’d ‘94 and sold to AOL).   A few years later, he moved his family to south Florida where he joined the founder of (IPO’d in ‘97 and sold to CBS) launching one of the world’s first commercial websites in August of 1995.  In 2002, Andy decided to wed his business, legal and commercial expertise with his love of boating, and he founded Aqua Marine Partners, owner and operator of a portfolio of marina real estate and incubator of marine technology companies.   As a seasoned start-up executive and mentor to several startups, in 2010, Andy and a few fellow YPO members observed that the South Florida tech eco-system needed a shot in the arm so they co-founded a Miami-based angel investment group AGP Miami.

A few years later, Andy received an investment pitch for a concept to create the “Airbnb of boats.”  Having run his own marina portfolio for more than a decade, a

nd having witnessed the effects of declining boat activity, Andy readily perceived the advantages of a peer-to-peer boat sharing scheme. Switching his investor cap for his entrepreneurial one, Andy co-founded his 5th startup and launched – a website that combines the rental mechanics of Airbnb with the on-demand labor dynamics of Uber.   Boatsetter, an international peer-to-peer boat sharing company, is quickly gaining traction with the millennial generation who are looking to experience life without owning expensive assets like boats.  As Andy describes it:  “Boatsetter is providing unforgettable experiences on the water making boating available to everyone regardless of their boating experience.  We offer over 3,900 boats, 1,500 captains, world-class insurance and a 24-hour free cancellation policy to ensure our customers have the best possible experience wherever their travels may take them.”

If you want to enjoy a day on the water, check out and use promo code AdmiralAndy to enjoy a 10% courtesy discount for our readers

Jay Berkowitz–Founder/CEO, Ten Golden Rules
Meet my friend Jay Berkowitz, my neighbor, fellow tennis player and expert on internet marketing.  It’s always good to have doctor friends in case of an emergency but I also highly recommend having friends who understand the internet, Google, Facebook etc when you’re in need of that quick technology answer.    Jay is an author, an educator, an International keynote speaker and an award-winning thought leader. A senior online marketing professional with over twenty five years of marketing experience, Jay has managed marketing departments for Fortune 500 brands: Coca-Cola, Sprint and McDonald’s Restaurants, and he has developed online and offline strategies for AT&T and leading health and fitness website

Jay is the author of The Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing and 10 Free Internet Marketing Strategies that went to #1 on Amazon for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.  He is the Founder and CEO of, a digital marketing and consulting business based in Boca Raton, Florida. He was the lead Subject Matter Expert and program faculty member for the University of San Francisco Internet Marketing Course and he is the host of the Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing Podcast. He has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, The Business Journals and he was interviewed on FOX Business TV.

Jay is a popular keynote presenter at conferences and events such as Inc 500, eBay Live, [email protected] Australia, Ad-Tech, Affiliate Summit, Webmaster World, The Direct Marketing Association, The American Marketing Association and The CEO Executive Forum.

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