TrafficJamming’s Inner Circle Will Make Your Business More Productive and Profitable by Bringing in More in Customers!
TrafficJammers comes in all shapes, sizes, sexes, ages and religions.  That is what is so exciting about being a business owner and entrepreneur.  TrafficJamming was established to help our members grow their companies using proven technologies and best of class services. TrafficJammers understand that there is great value is being part of a bigger group and collectively using the resources and expertise of other business owners to help achieve their professional goals.
“Finally, an expert that provides real practical sales advice for entrepreneurs from someone who’s ‘been there, done that’. Jeff Shavitz provides valuable insights to help people evaluate whether they’re cut out to be a small business owner, and what it takes to be successful in the sales games.   Jeff has a personality and program to “cut through the bull’, no nonsense step-by-step guide to planning your small business growth.   I would highly recommend this book to anyone running a small business or considering doing so. Shavitz just may be the inspiration and guide all small business owners need.” – Jonathan Silver CEO Affinity Solutions Inc.
Jeff Shavitz worked as an Investment Banker at Lehman Brothers in the Corporate Finance/Mergers & Acquisitions Group and specialized in transactions ranging from $250MM-$500MM.  With an offer in hand to attend graduate school to earn his MBA to continue his climb up the corporate ladder, Jeff consciously decided to leave this fast-paced, well-paying position to starting up a 1-person business; friends would say “what are you thinking?” His passion and purpose for creating “his life” was his driving force in determining his business future.
It was helped in no small part when out of his New York apartment while still working on Wall Street, he created “Spectoculars”, a paper folding binocular that received a NFL license in 1991 and 250,000 pairs were distributed at Super Bowl XXX.

Fast forward several years and Jeff co-founded Charge Card Systems Inc., a national credit card processing company that helps merchants with their processing requirements including the acceptance of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  The company grew to over 700 sales agents throughout the country with 3 regional offices.  In 2012, Jeff sold the business to Card Connect, owned by private equity firm FTV Capital which has been its largest acquisition to date.

His current venture, TrafficJamming LLC is a virtual membership group for independent business owners and entrepreneurs comprised of many different business services and products to help grow their companies.

In addition to managing his company, Jeff enjoys writing and his first book “Size Doesn’t Matter – Why Small Business is BIG Business” hit #1 on amazon in the entrepreneur and business management categories.   His other book titles are: (1) Networking – Get Connected, (2) Small Business Aha Messages and (3) The Power of Residual Income – You Can Count on It.   All of his books cover different business topics and share his “aha moments” and life lessons as described from his professional and personal journeys.

Jeff received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Tufts University and spent one semester at the London School of Economics specializing in finance.  He is very involved in many business, civic and philanthropic organizations including Young President’ Organization, Make-A-Wish and the Israeli Tennis Foundation.  He is married and has 2 daughters, 1 son and 2 dogs.   Besides family, health, and world-wide peace, his selfish goal is to play the 100 top golf courses in the USA!

“Jeff loves and respects the small business owner.   The culmination of all his past experiences is the evolution of his current business — TrafficJamming.   All companies want more “traffic” – in essence, traffic means sales.  New customers.  We all want it and need it to grow our companies.  TrafficJamming build awareness and demand for your products and services.”
Jeff released his 1st book “Size Doesn’t Matter – Why Small Business is Big Business” and hit #1 top new release on Amazon in 3 business categories (entrepreneurship, business management and new business enterprises). Focuses on the turbulent and exciting life of the business owner and entrepreneur.   This book shares his authentic stories with humor and candor having worked with thousands of business people throughout his career.  The chapters present different “aha moments” and life lessons as described from business owners relating to their professional and personal journeys.
His 2nd book “Small Business AhaMessages” is a collection of 140 key axioms that every business owner and entrepreneur should consider when starting or running their companies. This quick read provides compelling content in bite-size phrases from a business owner sharing his experiences in starting, managing and successfully selling a small business. Small Business AhaMessages will be your coach and confidant as you reflect upon your own journey in the world of small business. Learn from Jeff, relate to him, feel for him, and laugh with and at him, as you benefit from his words of wisdom.
His 3rd book, The Power of Residual Income  You Can Bank On It  details the vast differences between residual and recurring income vs. transaction revenue. Having experienced both business models in his career, Jeff using real-life examples from his payment processing days (a residual based business) in contrast to his promotional products business (a transactional based business). This book will highlight how to “work smarter” and develop wealth as you navigate through your professional career.
His 4th book, Networking – Get Connected”  educates people on the importance of proper networking. The skill of networking isn’t like reading a financial statement where the Return on Investment (ROI) is the primary issue. Networking involves what Jeff likes to refer as Return on Time (ROT). Make time to meet others and grow your circle of authentic business and personal friendships.   Jeff received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Tufts University and spent one year at the London School of Economics specializing in finance.  He is very involved in many business, civic and philanthropic organizations including Young Presidents’ Organization, Make-A-Wish and the Israeli Tennis Foundation.
“Working with Shavitz is a must.   As a yoga instructor, I consider myself an entrepreneur~ a manager of a small business… the business of yoga. I found layers of inspiration working with Jeff.   His personality and easy to follow program work.  It’s that simple.”
– Cathy Rosenberg, Owner, Yoga Instructor
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